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Are you a musician and you love Video Games? Are you a game developer and you would like to know more about game sound? You do not have musical experience? You don't know where to start? I can help you!

           Contact me here!

¿Where to start from?
¿What do I need to learn?

¿What module should I choose?

Game Audio

Learn Game Audio Work flow. From Designing sounds till implementing them in the game  (Desing SFX, Implementing Interactive Music, Using Middlewares, Dynamic Dialogues...)

Sound Design

Learn the secrets and techniques of sound design.  (Foley, SFX with synths, ambient sounds, voice effects)

VGM (Video Game Music)

Learn how to produce tracks in different video game music styles and become faster and more efficient.


A pack includes:

- 4 private sessions of one hour where i'll review your work.

- Private Chat where you can ask me questions.
- Contents for the exercices (PDF, Audio Files, UE4 projects, Wwise ect...)

- Possibility of the taking the 4 lesson during 6 weeks.

The pack price is 207 USD or 170 Euros.

Trial lesson are available for 42 USD or 35 Euros.

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